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Is Urgent Care The Same As A Walk-In Clinic?

Is An Urgent Care The Same As A Walk-In Clinic?

Whether you need urgent care or a walk-in clinic, come to Kingwood Urgent Care where our professional medical staff is ready to serve you. For more information, contact us at your earliest convenience or visit us online to see our business hours. We also accept walk-ins. Our clinic is conveniently located at 2601 W Lake Houston Pkwy Kingwood, TX.

Walk In Clinic Near Me in Kingwood TX
Walk In Clinic Near Me in Kingwood TX

Table of Contents:

Are urgent care centers and walk-in clinics different?
What can a walk-in clinic treat?
What to expect at an urgent care?
When should I go to an urgent care or a walk-in clinic?

Run by Dr. Payman Zamirpour and Dr. Hamidreza Iranmanesh, Kingwood Urgent Care Clinic is the first established urgent care center in Kingwood, TX. You may be wondering if urgent care services are the same as services provided by a walk-in clinic. The short answer is no; however, at Kingwood Urgent Care Clinic, we are lucky enough to have the medical staff, equipment, and experience to provide both services. Since 1999, we have proudly offered full urgent care and walk-in clinic care to those in medical need. Below is everything you may need to know about these services!

Are urgent care centers and walk-in clinics different?

Walk-in clinics are meant to act as a convenient and affordable medical option for people who may not have a family doctor or the finances to cover emergency room costs. It is important to note that walk-in clinics provide basic medical care and do not handle life-threatening illnesses and emergencies. At a walk-in clinic, you do not have to make an appointment to get the care and you will very likely be treated on a first-come, first-served basis. Walk-in clinics are sometimes called retail clinics because they can be found in pharmacies and next to retailers.

An urgent care center, although quite similar to a walk-in, is not quite the same. Urgent care centers provide basic medical care and more! These well-equipped centers often have X-ray equipment and can therefore treat serious injuries like broken bones. Similar to walk-in clinics, urgent care centers are not meant to handle life-threatening injuries.

What can a walk-in clinic treat?

Walk-in clinics provide numerous medical services and can treat the following conditions:

– Cold and flu
– Strep throat
– Earache and infection
– Minor broken bone
– Rashes
– Fever
– Muscle and joint pain
– Minor cuts and burns
– Pink eye

In addition to the above medical services, our clinic can help with weight loss management, hair loss and skin rejuvenation, Botox, women’s health, and pediatric health.

What to expect at an urgent care?

Most urgent care centers won’t require you to schedule an appointment, instead you can simply walk in and fill out any necessary paperwork as you wait for a physician to see you. If you’re concerned about wait times you can always call beforehand to check how busy the clinic is. Wait times can vary anywhere from 10 minutes to a few hours depending on the day. Kingwood Urgent Care Clinic strives to serve patients as quickly as possible so that you don’t have to wait around for the important care you need.

When you get to the clinic be prepared to fill out a few questions and provide a piece of government photo ID. You should also have your insurance information on hand. Our clinic accepts all major health insurance policies including Medicare and Blue Cross. If you’re concerned your insurance policy won’t cover the expenses give us a call. We would be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns regarding your visit to Kingwood Urgent Care Center.

When should I go to urgent care or a walk-in clinic?

Urgent care centers and walk-in clinics are a great option for those who need immediate medical care that is non-life-threatening. They have many advantages such as convenience, affordability, and availability. Waiting to get an appointment with your primary care physician can sometimes be frustrating as you have to wait for availability in their schedule. Sometimes waiting isn’t an option. These centers are also great for students and travelers who don’t have a primary care doctor in the area.

If you are experiencing any of the following conditions consider visiting Kingwood Urgent Care Clinic located at 2601 W Lake Houston Pkwy Kingwood TX:

– Ear pain
– Strep throat
– Urinary tract infection
– Musculoskeletal injuries
– Eye pain
– Recurring nosebleeds and sinus infections
– STDs
– Foreign body removal
– Bronchitis
– Open wounds
– Sports injuries

Call our clinic for an appointment. We also accept walk-ins for urgent care. Directions to Kingwood Urgent Care can be found on our website and we look forward to seeing you soon. We serve patients from Kingwood TX, Huffman TX, Atascocita TX, Humble TX, Porter TX, New Caney TX, Houston TX, Crosby TX, Dayton TX, Mont Belvieu TX and Spring TX.