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STD Testing in Kingwood, TX

Confidential STD Testing in Kingwood, TX

STD tests are used to determine whether or not you have an STD. Early detection of STDs protects your partners and ensures that you receive prompt treatment if needed. Kingwood Urgent Care offers confidential STD testing. For more information, contact us at your earliest convenience or visit us online to see our business hours. We also accept walk-ins. Our clinic is conveniently located at 2601 W Lake Houston Pkwy Kingwood, TX.

Confidential STD Testing Near Me in Kingwood, TX
Confidential STD Testing Near Me in Kingwood, TX

Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are extremely common. Currently, sixty-five million people are living with an STD. Every year, 15 million people contract at least one STD. These diseases spread so much because people aren’t always aware they have it. At Kingwood Urgent Care, serving Kingwood, TX and the general vicinity, we feel the ideal way to cut down on the cases of STDs is for people to seek out routine screenings.

About STDs

Sexually transmitted diseases are infections spread through anal, oral, or traditional intercourse. Often, a person may contract one from contact with an open sore or just the person being a carrier. It’s also possible to contract an STD through bodily fluids like semen and vaginal fluid. Some STDs can cause long-term consequences if left untreated. For instance, it’s possible for an untreated STD to cause infertility.

Types of STDs

Human papilloma virus (HPV) ranks as the most common STD. It causes genital warts in some individuals. Others don’t have any symptoms of it. Some forms of it cause cancer.

Another common STD is chlamydia. It’s very curable, in particular in its early stages. In women, it affects the cervix. On the other hand, in men, it affects the penile urethra. Often, it causes pain during sex as well as discharge from the penis or vagina.

Gonorrhea is a common bacterial infection, which can lead to burning when urinating as well as yellow, green, or white discharge.

The herpes virus is quite common. A person who has symptoms from it may experience blisters as well as a fever and other flu-like symptoms.

Trichomoniasis some from a parasite. It could lead to a foul-smelling discharge, painful urination, or itchiness.

Other sexually transmitted diseases exist like syphilis exist, but these are the more common ones.

How We Diagnose STDs

The first step of our diagnostic process consists of us gathering information regarding your medical history including your sexual history. We may examine any lesions, rashes, or warts you have. Part of the diagnostic process may consist of testing any discharge you have.

We may detect certain STDs by swabbing the vagina, anus, or throat. In men, we take a urine test. We may test for chlamydia, trichomoniasis, or gonorrhea this way.

In order to test you for herpes, we use a blood test. During the blood test, we evaluate your blood for antibodies that fight the herpes virus. A blood test may help us diagnose syphilis as well.

The types of tests we’ll use for your case depend on the symptoms you have. If you have visible sores or are experiencing symptoms, we’ll test for the possible STDs it could be. However, if you’re looking for us to test you for a broad range of STDs, we’ll use several types of testing.

How We Treat STDs

The treatment depends on the infection. For instance, if you have chlamydia, we may give you an antibiotic. The same applies if you have gonorrhea. Likewise, patients who have trichomoniasis may receive an antibiotic like metronidazole. Syphilis is also treatable via an antibiotic.

Viral infections are much trickier to treat. Herpes, for instance, isn’t curable. Instead, we give you a medication to manage your symptoms and reduce the presence of outbreaks.

In addition to any treatments you receive, we’ll educate you on how to prevent spreading the STD to others.

Don’t feel embarrassed to seek out STD testing. We provide confidential screenings at Kingwood Urgent Care, serving Kingwood, TX and the surrounding area, by calling us.