Musculoskeletal Treatment in Kingwood, TX

Musculoskeletal Treatment in Kingwood, TX

At Kingwood Urgent Care We Treat a Variety of Sprains and Strains. From Finger and Toe Dislocations to Minor Closed Fractures. If You or a Loved One Are in Need of an Urgent Care, Visit the Doctors at Kingwood Urgent Care! We Are Available 7 Days a Week, From 8am-8pm.

Musculoskeletal Treatment in Kingwood, TX
Musculoskeletal Treatment in Kingwood, TX

Have you suffered a severe, nonlife-threatening injury?Don’t delay treatment and visit Kingwood Urgent Care today. Our state of the art urgent care center is staffed with board-certified physicians who are ready to treat you today! Skip the long waits and high costs of an emergency room and get immediate treatment from our doctors. Waiting to be seen by a physician not only prolongs your recovery, but you run the risk of making an injury worse if you don’t get a proper diagnosis.

What kind of fractures do you treat?

At our urgent care center, we treat minor closed fractures.These are fractures where the bone does not break the skin, although it can cause damage to surrounding tissue. If you have suffered an injury and the bone is protruding from the injury area, immediately go to the emergency room for immediate treatment.

With a closed fracture, after it is confirmed by our onsite digital x-ray, we will carefully stabilize the area to help your bone heal completely.Depending on where the fracture is and the severity, this could take several weeks to several months. Follow up x-rays could be needed to ensure the bone is healing properly. We can forward the results of an x-ray to your primary care doctor or specialist upon request.

Can you treat sprains and strains?

Yes! Although less serious than a fracture, we can treat joint sprains and strains no matter where they occur, including the back or neck area. What’s the difference between a sprain and strain?The main difference is the tissue that is affected.

A strain is when you’ve injured a muscle while a sprain is when you’ve injured a ligament, the tissue that connects a muscle to the bone.Must like a fracture, the severity of a sprain or strain can vary:

  • Grade I -The muscle or ligament is overstretched
  • Grade II – The muscle or ligament is partially torn
  • Grade III – The muscle or ligament is completely torn

Grade III strains or sprains are severe injuries that may require surgery to repair fully. At our urgent care center, we can help treat you for Grade I and most Grade II sprains and strains. While physical therapy may be needed, you can expect recovery time to last four to six weeks, assuming you don’t reinjure the area. We’ll make sure the area is stabilized and get you back on the healthy path again.

Do you treat other musculoskeletal conditions?

Yes, at Kingwood Urgent Care we can help you if you are suffering from bursitis and tendonitis.

Bursitis commonly affects areas along the shoulder, elbow, and hip.It is an inflammation of the bursae, which are small fluid-filled sacks that help cushion the bones, muscles, and tendons near your joints. This condition usually occurs when you frequently perform repetitive movements with your joints. Tendonitis occurs when the tendon becomes inflamed due to repetitive movements.Both conditions are similar, but they just affect different parts of your body.Both can be quite painful and sometimes needs medical intervention to help you heal.

Our physicians are highly experienced in treating those with either or both of these conditions. We’ll help bring down the inflammation and make recommendations to help you prevent this condition in the future.

Our urgent care center is located at 2601 W Lake Houston Pkwy Kingwood, TX 77339.We are open Monday through Sunday from 8 am to 8 pm. Questions regarding our services? Call our friendly staff at (281) 360-7502 for assistance!

We look forward to serving you!